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Issue 474 – Finishing line for Westbury Racing

Westbury Racing is closing, with owner Kevin Peters shutting up shop after 32 years.

The Maristow Street bookies will be closing on Tuesday 16th November, marking the end of a long and successful run. Ladbrokes have bought the business and are opening a new and larger premises in the High Street.
Kevin Peters said, “After 32 years I am going to be very sad to say goodbye to such a great bunch of customers and most of all my staff, who are always so friendly and welcoming. Three of my staff are going to Ladbrokes to work in the new shop, including John, my manager who has been with me for 31 years.”
Kevin said, “When I applied for my betting shop licence after my father died in 1978, things were so different then. Horse racing was very popular and made up about ninety per cent of the bets. Now people can bet on anything and football betting has become especially popular along with the in-house roulette machines.
“We’ve had some great fun over the years and have had many changes in fortune along the way. Probably the worst day in the shop was when a customer won £63,000 on a Lucky Fifteen bet in 1986. It pretty well nearly wiped us out. Needless to say, I didn’t give that too much publicity at the time!”
Kevin said “We will be having a closing down sale on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th when all prices will be increased and hopefully a lot of our customers will pop in for a drink and a chat before we go.
Kevin said, “I want to say a big thanks to Westbury people for all their friendship and support in the last 32 years. I think there is so much community spirit in Westbury compared to other local towns. It’s like a big village. I also wish Ladbrokes every success and I think it is good thing for Westbury that another big name has come into the town along with their much greater enthusiasm and professionalism”.

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