Wiltshire Publications

Issue 473 – Loss of “outgoing, beautiful young girl”

The family of Kayleigh-Ann Thompson, 19, who was found dead in her home in Primmers Place, Westbury, on 12th October, have spoken movingly about their loss in a press tribute saying, “It is hard to explain in words how we are feeling and we will never get over losing her.

“Kayleigh was a very outgoing, beautiful young girl. She certainly enjoyed life, so we will never understand this.
“Kayleigh will always be with me, inside my heart and with every breath I take. She loved her three brothers and two stepbrothers deeply; this is such a heartbreaking time for all the family and friends.
“We are upset that links have been made in the media between her death and that of other young girls, and feel strongly that this is not the case. We are also very distressed by comments and speculation made by people claiming to be family or friends.
“This is an extremely difficult time for us all and we ask that the media will respect our wish to grieve in private.”
Wiltshire Police have issued a statement following criticism over their handling of the case in connection with the amount of time taken to gain access to force entry into her flat.
They stated, “Wiltshire Police continue to offer support to the family of Kayleigh.
“The investigation into her death on behalf of H.M Coroner for Wiltshire and Swindon is continuing and it would therefore be inappropriate to go into specific detail which will be a matter for the coroner.
“We are however, aware of comments in some media in connection with Police actions and in that regard it is appropriate in order to provide balance to reiterate certain information already provided to the media but which has not been covered within their coverage.
“The incident was reported to police at 2123 hours on Tuesday 12th October 2010. Officers attended at 2135 hours and after gaining entry through communal doors attempted to force an entry to the first floor flat door using bodily pressure and kicks but were unable to gain entry.
“Consideration was given to calling the fire service and the assistance of specialist door forcing equipment was also requested and it was only on the arrival of this equipment at 2206 hours that entry was able to be gained and only by using the equipment. It was at that point that Kayleigh was discovered and officers then assisted paramedics with CPR.
“This specialist door entry equipment is not routinely carried in police vehicles but is kept at police stations for use by specially trained officers.”
Police have confirmed that the incident is not being treated as suspicious and is not linked or connected to previous incidents.