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Issue 511 – Safer journey to school for Matravers pupils

SPRINGFIELD Road near Matravers School in Westbury is set to become a much safer place for the pupils and people who use it.

Earlier this year, the then head boy and head girl of Matravers School, George Flood and Diana Chard, contacted the Westbury Area Board to express the school council’s concerns about traffic congestion along the narrow Springfield Road where Matravers School is sited. With a large volume of traffic along the narrow residential road at peak times, the road had become a safety concern.
Since then, the area board has been working alongside the school and local residents to work out the best way to improve the road. Now, work on installing a number of safety measures is due to be started during half-term.
Entry to both junctions will be delineated by buff coloured surfaces, while a section of the road will be marked out as a shared carriageway/pathway with red surfacing.
Extra warning signs will be located at both ends of the junction to warn drivers of pedestrians, while overhanging trees and vegetation will be cut back.
Sally Hendry, community area manager said, “We were approached by the head boy and head girl of Matravers, expressing their concern that had been expressed at the school council by other pupils about Springfield Road.
“When it comes to arrival time and leaving time at school it does become extremely hectic, both with traffic and children walking down the road.
“I think it’s quite a nice example of working with the community because the next thing we did – after talking to the head boy and head girl – we then went to residents and held a residents’ meeting and asked what they really wanted.”