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Issue 511 – Massive marathon mission for Westbury woman

A WESTBURY woman has set herself the challenge of running at least five marathons over a year, to raise money for the charity that helped her through her illness.

Jan Mojsa’s challenge will take her all over the world, starting by swapping the streets of Westbury for the streets of San Francisco, with the San Francisco Women’s Marathon this weekend. She then hopes to go on and complete further marathons in this country and in Europe over the next year, finishing with the New York Marathon in November 2011. Jan aims to raise £5,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.
“After running the Bath Half Marathon in March I decided to mark 2011 as a marathon year and hope to run at least five marathons,” said Jan. “In particular, I have my eye on the New York Marathon in November 2011. My marathon schedule came forward when I got a place in this year’s SF Women’s Marathon.”
After San Francisco Jan hopes to tackle Cologne, Paris, and a couple of marathons in this country before completing the year with New York.
2011 marks the 100th anniversary for Macmillan, but it’s a milestone for Jan as well. She explained, “It’s also a special year for me as it marks the five year point following my own diagnosis and treatment for cancer.
“I spent much of 2006 in treatment and was wonderfully supported by the Macmillan nurses at RUH and also got a lot of information and support from Macmillan.
“I’m delighted to raise funds for Macmillan, as they are such an important charity for everyone engaged in their own personal marathon of treatment.”
Jan, who works as a psychotherapist, has been training hard for marathon number one and is not daunted by the challenge. “I am really excited about the 17th,” she said. “I’m hoping that my jetlag works sufficiently in my favour – it’s an early start at 7.00am – so I’m hoping my body clock will be much better than everyone else’s!”
Jan’s preparations have involved pounding the streets of Westbury and early morning swims at Westbury Swimming Pool. “My training has been dogged because six weeks ago I had a problem with my ankle, so I couldn’t run for four weeks,” she said. “So I started at the swimming pool and that’s been a lifesaver. We are so fortunate to have the pool. It’s such a wonderful resource.”
Macmillan Cancer Support works to improve the lives of people affected by cancer, providing practical, medical, emotional and financial support while pushing for better cancer care.
Anyone wishing to sponsor Jan is invited to visit her justgiving page on www.justgiving.com/JansMarathons. ‘If that’s not possible”, she adds, “you can always donate by popping some cash in the familiar Macmillan donation cans.”