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Issue 511 – A chance to stop and chat with local police officers

Police in Westbury are holding a number of “community consultations” in the town to help people have their say.

Officers from Westbury Police Station were out in the High Street last Thursday afternoon and will be holding more consultations next week. The idea is that officers are there for people to come and talk to as they go about their business in the town centre.
PC Jo Philpott, community beat manager said, “The community consultations are very simple, they are opportunities for any member of the public to come and have a chat about things that are bothering them or even the weather, it is our way of interacting with the community and letting the community have their say.
“We have started doing them in the street because if people are out shopping they might see us and decide to stop for a chat. It stops people having to make a special trip to the station to find we are not there, they can see us within their usual routines.”
The next community consultations will be held on Wednesday 20th October in the Market Place between 2.00pm and 4.00pm, and on Friday 29th October in the High Street between 3.00pm and 5.00pm.