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Issue 469 – Town Council gets behind new surgery

Westbury Town Council has backed plans for the new surgery in Mane Way.

The planning application for the new purpose built surgery was discussed by the Highways, Planning and Development Committee on Monday 16th August, who declared that the group “welcomes and fully supports this application.”
Dr Debbie Beale, a GP at Eastleigh Surgery, and Bill Fanning, chairman of the Westbury Patients Forum, both addressed the committee to reassure them that they were working to allay concerns over transportation to the site on the edge of town. They also reminded the council that they had already looked into other locations in the town, including the hospital, but were now keen to make the new site work to bring a range of new services to the town.
Five councillors voted in favour of the application. with Cllr Francis Morland voting against. The application will now go before Wiltshire Council, and a decision is due to be made in October.
Cllr Bill Braid, chair of the committee said, “I fully support this, it’s a brilliant concept.” Other councillors offered their support for the project and emphasized the need for the project to push ahead without delays while the funding is in place.
Sue Ezra, a member of the Westbury Health Project steering group said, “This is the time for the people of Westbury to be behind the new venture and give its whole hearted backing to the project.
“Yes, we know that wherever it was built it would have been the wrong place for some people, but land inside the town centre is in very short supply. The new surgery will incorporate many new and exciting features, things that this town has missed over the last few years. When built, it will mean that many people will be able to attend outpatient clinics here without travelling to Bath or Salisbury. It will include many services under the one roof, such as x-ray, minor surgery, dentist, and space for chiropody, and all the services for children. This is one-stop doctor services if you like to call it, with a chemist to match its hours. The local bus transport will have its own layby and designated bus stop, which will be provided by the doctors. Mobility scooters will have a charging point, and the taxis marked parking bays. The ambulance service will have a hard standing area to wait for emergency calls, something that the town has needed for some time. The funding is in place, but we must ensure that it goes ahead now and that our town is not deprived of this wonderful opportunity to improve services. Please don’t let our town be left without. Back this now as we all know money is in short supply, and if there is any delay, we could find ourselves once again at the back of the queue.”