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Issue 465 – New car parking charges

NEW charges for car parking in Westbury came into place on Monday 5th July.

Shoppers using the High Street and Warminster Road car parks previously enjoyed two hours’ free parking. However, now they only have one hour free car parking, with a charge of £1 made to those who wish to stay for up to two hours.
The new charges will stay in place until Wiltshire Council completes a county-wide review of parking fees, for implementation in April 2011.
Traders have already voiced their concerns over the impact that the increased charges will have on the town centre, while town councillors have expressed their disgust at the way Wiltshire Council has handled the increase in charges.
Increases have also been made in all permit categories, which will affect both drivers with residents’ permits and those who hold season permits.
Charges in the zone B section of the High Street and Warminster Road car parks will also change. While the first hour of parking will remain at 40p, the cost of the subsequent hour has been increased to £1.