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Issue 464 – Ducks in danger from dog attacks

The peaceful wildlife haven of Becks Mill Pond is being shattered by dogs and their irresponsible owners.

In the spring and summer months, the pond is home to ducks and their ducklings. However, local resident Russell Hawker has raised concerns that the local wildlife is in danger from dog attacks.
“This year we have lost more than half the ducklings due to dog attacks and one brood is down from 5 to 1 now,” he said. “Idiot dog owners are letting their dogs off the lead when they visit the willow carr and/or the duck pond. Some of the dogs rush to find any ducks on the bank of the stream in the willow carr and, unfortunately, there is often not enough time for all the ducklings to jump into the water and get away in time.”
Russell Hawker, who is a town councillor and Wiltshire councillor for Westbury West, says he is pressing for a dog order for the area.
He also reported the issue to the area board, and as a result a site meeting with Wiltshire Council officers took place last week. Signs appealing to owners to keep their dogs under control should be put up this week.