Wiltshire Publications

Issue 463 – Welcome to Westbury!

VISITORS to Westbury are now being greeted with bold welcoming banners.

The new banners can be found at each of the entrances to the town and at over 6 foot tall, provide a warm welcome to visitors as they approach Westbury.
Pairs of banners went up in Bratton Road, Chalford, The Ham, Mane Way and Trowbridge Road on Wednesday 2nd June. The signs feature Westbury’s iconic landmark, the White Horse, and the words “Welcome to Westbury”, while the reverse of the banners also has a picture of the White Horse.
Cllr Sue Ezra, one of the town councillors who has been working on the project over the last year, said, “We need to welcome people to the town. I knew Trowbridge had them and I thought why shouldn’t we?!”
After considering several suggestions, town councillors decided on the final design and the signs were produced locally by Citaglen Ltd in Melksham.
Cllr Ezra added, “It’s so people can see you’re in Westbury. We’ve also got the brown signs which show people about the various things in the town, like the swimming pool and heritage.”
In the future, the town will also have its blue plaque trail, which will point out locations of historical interest to visitors.