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Issue 501 – Westbury WI celebrates 70th anniversary

WESTBURY WI is celebrating 70 years in the town.

Members of Westbury WI marked the milestone with a special dinner at the Cedar Hotel on Tuesday 18th May, which was attended by members and the federation chair, Trish Cole.
The occasion was also celebrated with a birthday cake made by member Mary Kneen, and members admired the special tablecloth Mary made as a momento of the milestone. The group also received several messages of congratulations from neighbouring WI groups, and members enjoyed music and entertainment during the evening.
Westbury WI President Beryl Rhodes said,  “Everyone’s really happy to be here this evening, it’s a lovely evening and we’ve all dressed up for the occasion. We’ve currently got around 22 members, so we’re still going strong!”
Mary Kneen explained more about what the group does. “We meet regularly, we have speakers, and a garden party once a year, and also have members’ evenings. It’s all really nice and sociable – everyone looks after each other. I suppose it’s like a sisterhood.”
Westbury WI was formed in 1940 during the Second World War, and was originally known as Westbury Leigh WI. Vera Gerrish, who has been a member since 1975, reminised over the fun and friendship she has enjoyed. “I’ve got a lot out of the WI,” she said. “We have some marvellous times, and I’ve found it very helpful. We’ve got more modern since I joined – it’s not all jam and Jerusalem!”
Frances Sisson, who has been a member for over 40 years added, “There are so many things you can get involved with such as skittles and Scrabble, and we’ve had activities like theatre trips and our theatre group.”
Trish Cole, federation chair, congratulated the group on their milestone. “It’s a big achievement, and it’s such a privileged to be here tonight,” she said.