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Issue 501 – Stroke awareness day for Westbury

WESTBURY residents will have the chance to benefit from free health checks at a stroke awareness day in the town centre on Friday 11th June.

Staff from Eastleigh Surgery will be offering people blood pressure checks and advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle, in order to minimise the risk of suffering from a stroke. The event is organised by Westbury Rotary Club.
Anyone is welcome to drop into the sessions, which will be held from 10.00am to 3.00pm in a marquee in the library grounds.
Dr Debbie Beale, senior partner at Eastleigh Surgery, emphasized how useful the event will be to anyone in the town. “It’s important to realise that although strokes are uncommon under the age of 50, it’s not impossible. It’s a lot to do with the risk factors – if you’ve got high blood pressure or are overweight or have diabetes then you are more at risk.”
“It only takes a minute or so to get your blood pressure checked, and just a couple more to talk through how to keep healthy. There’ll be lots of information about the key issues, like picking up signs of strokes early. We’ll have lots of information about leading a healthy lifestyle, and will be doing the mini health checks.
“We’ve been doing this for eight or nine years now. We usually get a good response – people are always nervous about having their blood pressure checked, but they find it reassuring to know there are things they can do to reduce their risk. ”
The day is being organised by the Westbury Rotary Club in response to a national scheme to raise awareness of the risk of strokes. Clive Weare from the Rotary Club said, “The idea is to have a quick health check. Everyone is welcome to come along and have their blood pressure tested, and there will also be lots of information available. No appointment is required: you can just walk in off the street and wait your turn, and of course there is no charge.”
The Rotary Club has been organising the stroke awareness day for number of years now, and it has been well-received and appreciated by people in the town. “We organise the event and supply the tents and seats and tables so that the public can attend, and we’re very grateful to the surgery for coming along to do the necessary tests,” said Clive. “Last year we had over 200 people come – that’s what we want.”