Wiltshire Publications

Issue 460 – Scouts prepared – thanks to new cases

Westbury Scouts are hoping their next camping trip will be better than ever after they received three cases from Westbury Area Board.

The cases will be used to carry the Scouts’ kit when they go away on camping trips and expeditions. Made of aluminium, the cases are large, yet lightweight and strong enough to protect all of the essential kit the Scouts take on their expeditions.
The cases will make a particular difference as the group previously struggled to transport their kit safely. “We had nothing,” explained Scout leader Andy Kettlety. “We had to beg and borrow and sling it all together, and hope it all came out the same as when it went in. Now the kit can all go in the boxes and stay safe and dry.”
The cases will certainly get plenty of use; the Scouts have already been out camping this year and have many more trips planned over the summer. “The camps and the outdoor activities are what they all come for,” said Andy. The cases will also be used for an expedition to Westbury, New York State, USA in July, a trip that the scouts are busy preparing and fundraising for.
Westbury Scouts meet at the scout hut every Friday during term time. There are currently around 32 young people aged between 10 and 18 in the club, which consists of Scouts and explorers.