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Issue 453 – Town Council dishes out almost £12,000 to local good causes

WESTBURY Town Council has awarded almost £12,000 to good causes around the town.

Every year the council budgets an amount to be distributed to various causes that benefit the local community, and considers applications form local organisations.
This year the council set aside £12,000, and has awarded £11,400 in 53 grants, ranging from £50 to £500. Six hundred pounds has been held back from the £12,000 so the council can consider grant applications made between now and the end of the financial year.
Westbury Mayor cllr Sue Ezra said, “We usually give out up to £12,000 each year. We do try to help people as much as possible.
“Hopefully the money will be used for what they asked for and the groups will enjoy the benefit. It’s a nice part of being a councillor, there’s nothing worse than having to keep saying ‘no’.”
The cash has gone to a wide range of groups and organisations around the town, including sports clubs, youth groups and charities.
Each group had to demonstrate what they would use the grant money for, if they were successful.
Westbury Air Training Corps received £500.
Civilian committee chairman Chris Horsey said, “It’s excellent news for us. This is always a difficult time of the year for funding and this will make a big difference.
“Every year we have a spring camp and the cadets have a great time canoeing, doing survival work and this money will be really useful for that.
“It’s very generous and the town council are very good supporters of the ATC. We’d like to give our thanks to them and those who consistently support us, including the Lions and Order of Buffalos.”
The Royal British Legion’s Westbury branch received £300, which will be used to help fund this year’s remembrance parade.
Eddie Bridges, Westbury Royal British Legion president, said, “It’s a very important donation for us, which we get every year. It’s a very good gesture by the council and very gratefully received.
“The remembrance day parade is a civic occasion and a chance for the town to come together and join in remembrance.”
Another beneficiary was the Westbury 1st Scouts, who will receive £250.
Gareth Morris, Westbury 1st Scouts Beaver Leader, said, “It’s great news, and the funds will be really useful for us. They will go towards supporting the expedition we have planned in the summer to America. This is excellent for us and makes another big step in our fundraising. In fact it is enough to pay our camping fees for the 10 days we plan to stay there. We’d like to say thank you very much to Westbury Town Council.”
Westbury First Responders, volunteers who provide emergency first aid cover in the town, received £300 from the town council.
Nigel Inseal from the First Responders, said, “That’s great news and very gratefully received. I think what’s nice about this donation is that it goes right back into Westbury. It’s a scheme for Westbury and the surrounding villages and they will see the benefit.
“The money will be used to purchase equipment and training. We’re trying to raise enough money to buy our sixth set of life saving equipment. This has brought us near that goal, we’re not far short. We’re well supported in the town and I would like to say thank you to the town council.”
Each set of life saving equipment costs £2,500. When the First Responders have a sixth set each volunteer will have their own equipment, drastically improving their ability to provide cover.
Westbury United FC, who are currently second in their league, received £200.
Roger Arnold, Westbury United FC secretary, said, “We will put the money towards improvements to the goals, which we will need to upgrade to the European standard in the near future.
“We’d like to say a thank you to the council for the generous donation.”
A cheque presentation to the beneficiaries will be made next month at The Laverton Hall.