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Issue 452 – Matravers Christmas concert at All Saints Church a huge success

w491 Matravers concert4THE MATRAVERS Christmas Concert was held in All Saints Church this year, and was a great success.

The concert featured a huge range of musical talent from all years of the school’s pupils, including solo singers, a gospel choir, various musicians and even a steel pan group.
The church was packed for the concert, which took place on Wednesday 16th December, and lasted for an hour and a half, before refreshments were served.
Liz Oliver, head of music at Matravers said, “It was really really good, this kids were fantastic. It was nice to do it in the church. That was a good decision because we wanted to bring the concert a bit more into the community. The atmosphere was so nice and they made us feel so welcome.
“It was certainly the best one since I’ve been there. The church was packed, there were more there than we normally have. I think a lot of the congregation had read about it in the ‘Christmas in Westbury’ leaflet and come down.
“The highlight of the night was an Irish folk song from a senior instrumental ensemble led by Fern Joyce, everyone kept saying how well they did. Also the steel pan group were just brilliant, they played a combination of White Christmas and Winter Wonderland. It was odd because it’s a Jamaican, Caribbean thing, but it made you feel really Christmassy.
“All of the performers were really on the ball, they all really enjoyed it and supported each other.”
Liz added that because the concert had been such a success she hoped they could hold it at All Saints annually.”