Wiltshire Publications

Issue 450 – Primary school league tables rank Westbury’s performance

THE national league tables for primary schools have been published, showing how Westbury’s schools have performed in national curriculum tests.

The league tables measure schools based on the performance of pupils in their national curriculum key stage 2 (KS2) exams, taken when they are in year 6.
The results, published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, show that of the six Westbury primary schools in the league table, three are performing above local and national averages, and three below.
Chapmanslade School came top of the Westbury list, with 87 percent of its pupils reaching the expected level in both maths and English, compared to a national average of 72 percent, and a Wiltshire average of 71 percent.
Chapmanslade also topped the list with the highest aggregate score, a measure of how many children are achieving the expected level in maths, English and science, represented as a number out of 300. Chapmanslade scored 273, against a national and Wiltshire average of 247.
Both Bratton and Dilton Marsh schools also scored above the local and national average in both these measures, with 100 percent of Bratton’s pupils reaching the required level for science.
Against a national average of 72 percent of pupils reaching the expected level in both English and maths, Chapmanslade had 87 percent, Bratton 81 percent, Dilton Marsh 80 percent, Westbury Leigh 68 percent, Bitham Brook 67 percent and Westbury Juniors 66 percent.
The national average of aggregate points this year was 247 out of 300 and the Wiltshire average was 246 out of 300.
Chapmanslade scored 273, Bratton 267, Dilton Marsh 264, Westbury Juniors 241, Westbury Leigh 234 and Bitham Brook 230.
Carolyn Godfrey, Wiltshire Council director of children and education said, “I am pleased to note the wide range of achievements of Wiltshire children. We continue to support schools in developing a range of strategies, including one-to-one tuition, which will further support children’s progress in literacy and numeracy.”
Cllr Alan MacRae, portfolio holder for schools added, “These results reflect the hard work of children and staff in schools along with excellent support from parents and carers. We are keen to build on these results and continue to improve in the future.”