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Issue 448 – Italian Market proves a hit with shoppers

THE FIRST Italian market to be held in Westbury has been judged a success after doing a good trade on Saturday 31st October.

The ‘Italia in Piazza’ stalls were set up in the Market Place all day, selling a selection of genuine Italian produce, including cheeses, cured meats, bread, olive oils, pasta and hot food such as pizza.
Throughout the clear and bright day shoppers browsed the various stalls, which were staffed by Italian producers.
Steve Richardson, markets manager for Wiltshire Council said, “It went very successfully. We closed the roads so hopefully we gave everyone plenty of notice. There were a lot of people there and the traders were very happy, so hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves.
“We certainly are looking at doing it next year and if the town council and people of Westbury are keen then yes, we can bring it back to Westbury.”
Westbury Mayor cllr Sue Ezra said, “I was pleased to see the market come to Westbury. Some people have said they thought it was expensive. I didn’t find it so, but I can’t speak for everyone. I bought some bread and it was lovely.
“I was a bit disappointed there weren’t more stalls, I think there was someone going to be selling glass but they weren’t there which is a shame. It’s nice to see different things going on in the Market Place, I hope next year we can invite them again.”
Simon Faro, Italia in Piazza owner said, “It didn’t go too badly at all and we were well received. All in all the traders were very happy and we’d like to come back next year.”
Claudio Ghialdrdi, who sells vinegar and olive oil sourced from many different regions of Italy, was pleased with how the market went. “It’s our first time in Westbury. It’s very nice here, and it’s good to come to a market town. We haven’t had any problems, and apart from a quiet start we’ve had a steady presence of people all day, which is good for us.”
The market followed on from the success of last year’s French market, which was a huge hit with the shoppers of Westbury. The town council is planning to bring the same French market back to the Market Place next year.
John Parker, Westbury Town Council projects officer said, “We’re hoping to bring back the same people for the French market in May from Normandy. It was very successful last time, and this time we’d like to make it more of an event with other activities going on as well.”

Local Reactions… (to go with photos)

Christine Sanders (from Westbury): “It’s been very good. It’s a great opportunity to try some authentic Italian goods. I’m looking forward to discovering all the cheeses!”

Derrick Dyer (from Westbury): “There’s a very comprehensive range of Italian cuisine. It’s very good”.

Annette Peers (from Westbury): “It’s lovely. There’s lots of nice produce. We’re having a walk round first to suss it all out before buying anything! It all looks good – and smells good too!”

Shirley Bond (from Warminster): “It’s wonderful. They should have one in Warminster! I’ve found a certain cheese that you can’t get in the supermarket, so I’ve got what I wanted! The olive oil is delicious too, and the people on the stalls are very nice and friendly”.

Adrian Curtis (from Westbury): “It’s really good, and very well organised and presented. There seems to be a lot of people, and there are more people in the High Street as well.”

Valerie Noyes (from Westbury): “I think it’s lovely – I could spend a lot of money here! It’s so nice to have markets – it’s completely different to the supermarket. It’s fallen on a really pleasant day which is lucky. Let’s hope they do it again!”