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Issue 448 – Homophobic attack in the High Street car park

A MAN has been subjected to a homophobic attack whilst walking home through the centre of Westbury.

The man was walking through the High Street car park at about 10.20pm on Saturday 31st October when a group of youths starting pelting him with eggs and bottles and yelling homophobic abuse.
The man, who did not want to named, told the White Horse News, “I was just walking home, minding my own business when these teenagers started throwing missiles and yelling obscenities. Then they started throwing things at two pensioners who were also in the car park.
“That made me angry and I went over to challenge them. They scarpered but ran up to the balcony above the shops and started throwing things again. When I got home I called the police and they were really good, they showed up in five minutes flat and have been very understanding.”
The victim was not hurt in the incident, despite being stuck by some of the missiles the youths threw.
The man added that he would recognise the culprits if he saw them again. He said he wanted to get in touch with White Horse News to let people know that homophobic behaviour isn’t tolerated any more.
Inspector Dave Minty of Warminster and Westbury Police said, “We are investigating this incident. This type of thing is completely unacceptable and we will do everything we can to catch the people who committed the offence and deal with them appropriately and robustly.”
Anyone with information about the incident should call Wiltshire Police on 0845 408 7000.