Wiltshire Publications

Issue 447 – A trip back in time at Westbury Juniors

YEAR five pupils at Westbury CE Junior School brought their history lessons to life by spending a day as Victorian schoolchildren.

Pupils and teachers arrived at school in Victorian dress and experienced the rigour and strict discipline of a typical Victorian school day on Wednesday 14th October .
Headteacher Richard Hatt led a drill in the playground, and pupils practised their handwriting in silence. The kitchen staff also dressed up for the occasion, and served a lunch of beef stew with bread rolls. Another activity was a walk around Westbury to view the town’s Victorian heritage.
The Victorian themed day was held to enrich pupils’ understanding of the era. “We’ve been studying the Victorians, and have learnt about Victorian childhood”, explained year 5 teacher Eleanor Storr. “We have this day so they can experience what it would have been like. They’ve all been taking it very seriously.”
Pupils enjoyed being Victorian schoolchildren and dressing up for the event.
“It’s been fun”, said pupil Hannah Aldous. “We have to say ‘miss’ and ‘sir’ a lot, and get in trouble if we don’t”. Her classmate Thomas Bond was also enthusiastic about the day. “It’s been great to have the feeling of Victorian Britain”, he said. “I’ll look back on this as one of my favourite experiences”.
However, pupils admitted they preferred modern schooling. “I have enjoyed it – but I’m really glad I don’t live in Victorian times!” Thomas said.
Pictured above: Year five pupils tuck into a typical Victorian hot school dinner, as they are read to from the bible.