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Issue 443 – Lions donate cash to family after stolen buggy

Westbury Lions have donated £200 to help buy disabled toddler Jacob Scott a new buggy.

The youngster’s original buggy was stolen from outside his home back in June. Due to the nature of his disability, a rare condition which leaves him unable to move properly, Jacob needs a specially designed buggy as he cannot support himself.
Peter Baker and Doreen Pearce of the Lions’ welfare committee said, “We heard about it in the White Horse News and we thought what a mean and useless thing for somebody to do. We were absolutely happy to help out, It’s our purpose to work to help the community.”
Jacob’s parents, Rachelle Allen and Jonathan Scott, said that they were extremely grateful for the donation, which will go towards a new wheelchair for Jacob who will soon be too big for a buggy.
The original buggy that went missing has now been found, but in a poor state. Rachelle said, “It was returned to us by the police last Tuesday evening. A man walking his dog found it in a nearby field and contacted the police who then brought it back to us.
“The buggy is in a bad way – very mouldy and the supports are broken. We were so shocked that it had been found and it seems that it has been left out in the open for some time.”
Pictured: Doreen Pearce and Peter Baker with Rachelle Allen, Jonathan Scott and Jacob.