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Issue 481 – Street drinkers are “dealt with”

WESTBURY Police say they have made “good progress” on dealing with a group of persistent street drinkers who have been disturbing the community of late.

Town beat manager PC Nick Holt, right, said, “The small problem that we did have has largely been resolved through working in partnership with the council.”
Three individuals who had recently been the source of a number of public complaints have been referred to the council’s antisocial behaviour panel.
“We haven’t had any calls for the last three or four days,” said PC Holt.
“We had about ten days where these three people were drinking in the Market Place and the people who worked and lived in the Market Place didn’t like them being there.
“It wasn’t that they were being abusive to members of the public but their abusive language among themselves and the fact that they were drinking caused people anxiety. When they did cross the line they were dealt with.”
Two arrests were made, one for begging, the other for what PC Holt described as a ‘minor social disorder.’
PC Holt said that the level of disorder that had caused recent public outcry was similar to that “routinely” experienced on a weekend evening.
He also added that there had been no evidence forthcoming to support claims that prostitution was being solicited in the town.