Wiltshire Publications

Issue 441 – Community dig deep for Jacob

THE WESTBURY community has rallied round to help a family whose disabled toddler was left housebound after thieves stole his specially adapted buggy.
On Thursday 30th July Jacob and his family were presented with £600 towards the cost of a new buggy, jointly donated by the Shining Light awareness Trust and Westbury Labour Club.
The family have also been given £100 by the Westbury Conservative Club and ongoing collections are being held at The Labour Club, Charlie’s Bar and The Crown.
The organisations were inspired to dig deep after hearing about the plight of three year old Jacob Scott in the last issue of the White Horse News.
Labour club committee member Billy Kennedy said, “As soon as I read the article I phoned the chairman and the secretary and said we had to do something.
“I think it was disgusting that such a thing could happen in such a place as Westbury. It’s absolutely awful and I thought that the club could help, we are a family club after all.”
For Jean Jenkins of the Shining Light Awareness Trust, the urge to help out was equally as strong. She said, “It’s a kid and they needed a wheelchair. It’s as simple as that.”
Jean only recently made a large donation to a local sporting hopeful but said she was happy to distribute the fund’s wealth once again. “I don’t usually let the funds get this low but on this occasion it was important. We’ll build them back up again.”
Jacob’s mother Rachelle Allen said, “I was so surprised hen Jean phoned up to offer us the money I think I went into shock!
“It’s so nice of them and really generous. This means we’ll now be able to get Jacob what he needs.”
Jacob’s custom-made buggy was stolen from outside the family’s on Suffolk Road home just before 1.00am on Monday 6th July. Jacob needs the bespoke buggy as he is unable to sit up on his own due to a rare disorder similar to cerebral palsy.
A new chair is expected to cost around £1,200.