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Issue 437 – Hair today, gone tomorrow

A Westbury skittles player is preparing to undergo a charity head shave.

Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards, a member of The Fat Boys skittles team, is undertaking the head shave to top up the team’s season-long collection of fines in aid of a breast cancer research charity.
Jamie has already raised over £400 for the head shave. He said, “I’ll probably end up looking a bit silly for a few months, but it’s going to be worth it. A few of the team members’ wives have been affected by breast cancer and it is a really great charity.”
The head shaving will be carried out by cllr Mike Cuthbert Murray, owner of the Banana Blues barbershop at 9.00am on Saturday 13th June at Westbury Conservative club.

“We are doing it so early because it’s our Fat Boys’ day out that day,” explained Jamie, “We are going to the races in Bath, so hopefully it won’t be too sunny or I’ll burn my head!”
Jamie’s fundraising efforts, combined with fines collected by the team throughout the year and a matching donation from the Westbury skittles league, have netted the cause over £800 already.
Team captain Keith Chappell said, “We are hoping to raise that magic figure of £1,000 so anybody who wants to come down and put their pennies in the tin is more than welcome.”