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THE story of Peter Pan will be performed at Manor Farm in Corsley on Saturday 6th August. 

Organisers say, “As a young boy James Barrie delighted at being a pirate. In 1904 the memory of these adventures inspired him to write his play, ‘Peter Pan’, or as it was also called: ‘The Boy who Never Grew Up’. Now, Barrie’s imagination confronts reality at historic Manor Farm, Corsley. For, Sir Carew Raleigh who lived at the Manor and his brother Sir Walter who often stayed there, were pirates! 

“In 1588 the two Raleigh brothers would have been in deep discussion over naval tactics. Their respective roles were Admirals, and their duty was to defend England against the Spanish Armada. They may have played their part in the defence of England, but also in the attacks on Spain. Plunder of gold on the Spanish Main was their aim. 

“There were some feeble attempts to coat these sea-dog adventures with a semblance of respectability, but in truth these attacks on the high seas were as close to piracy as the exploits of Blue Beard himself. And the Raleigh brothers were in the thick of it. 

“So, now at 6.30pm on Saturday 6th August, the imagination of Barrie and the reality of the Raleighs intermingle at Corsley. The Pirates return. Peter Pan flies again.” 

For more information and tickets office@theelizabethanevening.com or www.theelizabethanevening.com 

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