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‘Bring us your tins!’ Appeal from Westbury’s food bank as stocks run low

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THE Westbury Area Network (WAN), the organisation that operates the foodbank out of the Westbury Community Project on Eden Vale Road, is asking for local people to donate food products to help keep stocks high for those that need it. 

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting everyone at the moment and the team at WAN say this means that their food bank service is both more in demand and less well stocked by public donations than at any time since the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

WAN are appealing for as many people as possible in Westbury to donate just one tin from their household’s weekly shop during August to help refill empty shelves at the food bank.  

The average food parcel for a couple for a week will contain 12-15 tins of various food types and the food bank needs tinned goods with a long shelf life that can be used by people and families on low incomes either as meals in themselves or to supplement dishes and make them stretch further.  

WAN trustee, Ian Cooper says, “Unfortunately at the moment our stocks of tinned goods are running especially low and we are appealing to the good people of Westbury to help get our shelves full again. Please bring us your tins – soups, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, peas, other veggies, fruit, milk puddings, even tuna and corned beef too.”  

Donations can be made directly to the WAN HQ at Westbury Community Project on Eden Vale Road, where the food bank is based.   Alternatively, drop off points are available at either Crosspoint in the Market Place, or at All Saints’ Church. 

Ian added, “As well as tinned goods, stocks of other staples are starting to run low too. We would very much welcome donations of pasta sauces, snack noodles, long life milk and dessert items such as custard and biscuits too.  

“The food bank provides between 100 and 120 food parcels every month to vulnerable individuals and families in Westbury and the surrounding villages. Although we appreciate that times are hard, without public donations our service will suffer and there is a real concern that we may become unable to extend our support to all those in the community that most need our help.” 

To register for a food parcel, you must be referred to the WAN foodbank by a referring organisation such as Crosspoint, Wiltshire Council, citizens advice, local churches, town and parish council, DWP or the White Horse Medical Centre. 

THE WAN is open and available for donation drop offs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 10am to 12pm at the Westbury Community Project on Eden Vale Road. 

WAN has also launched an online fundraising page, where individuals are very welcome to donate and funds will be used to replenish stocks of tinned goods and other essentials. With an average weekly food parcel for a couple costing around £28, the team say that every little really does help. Donate at: https://www.givey.com/    westburyareanetwork 

People are encouraged to follow WAN on Facebook where regular updates are posted as to items most needed at the food bank from one week to the next: https://www.facebook.com/WestburyAreaNetwork/ 

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