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Plans to tackle Bratton Road safety concerns

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WESTBURY Town Council has provisionally approved funding for a scheme to make a narrow section on Bratton Road, which will give priority to motorists travelling from the town direction, in a bid to make the area safer. Councillors are concerned about the volume and speed of traffic on Bratton Road. 

Other improvements would include widening the pavement and adding appropriate signs and road markings.  

The plans will be discussed by the local highways and footways improvement (LHFIG) group of Wiltshire Council this week, where they will look at the specific details. 

At a meeting of Westbury Town Council on Monday 4th July councillors discussed the plans. 

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Gordon King said, “The town council has been committed to find a solution or an interim solution to the problem on Bratton Road caused by the volume and the speeding of the traffic along the road, combined with the narrowness of the pavement. 

“This is not the end solution- it can’t be. But Wiltshire Council want us to keep jumping through hoops and would rather we escalate this in stages. This will not really work well or even work properly until it is light controlled, but it is a step in the right direction.” 

An estimated cost for the scheme is £25,000, which would be subject to a substantive bid by Wiltshire Council. The LHFIG contribution is £5,500. It was recommended that Westbury Town Council matchfund this amount, which would come from CIL funding. CIL is a community infrastructure levy, a charge that local authorities can impose on new development in their area. 

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