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Slimmers drop pounds to raise money for Cancer Research

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SLIMMERS in Westbury have collected bags of clothes throughout May to donate to Cancer Research UK’s Big Slimming World Clothes Throw! 

Slimming World members joined consultants Kim, Katherine and Claire in the Big Slimming World Clothes Throw to raises funds by donating the clothes they’ve slimmed out of to their local Cancer Research UK shops. The Clothes Throw is a chance for Slimming World members to bring in unwanted clothes that are now too big to their local Slimming World group where they will donate to Cancer Research UK who will sell the clothes on to raise money. 

Around 97 bags of donated clothes were collected from 9th to 21st May and organisers say that they could potentially raise over £2,500 once they are sold by Cancer Research UK. 

Slimming World team developer and Leigh Park Community Centre consultant Kim Heath said, “Being overweight has been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer. Your exact risk will depend on lots of factors, including things you can’t change such as your age.  

“Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight could prevent around 22,800 cases of cancer every year in the UK, and reduce the risk of 13 types of cancer such as cancers of the breast, uterus, ovaries and gall bladder.” 

Slimming World has supported Cancer Research UK since 2013 and has helped to raise more than £17 million for its work to create a world where everyone can live longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer. 

The Slimming World programme, which is based on sustainable behaviour change, helps slimmers to achieve their weight-loss goals from week one. Through weekly support they learn how to make changes to their eating habits and quickly start to include plenty of vegetables, fruit and high fibre foods into their regular diet. The support that members get at their weekly group helps them to commit to their goals, and develop the control and confidence to overcome challenges.   

Slimming world Westbury consultant, Katherine, added, “Members donating clothes that they have slimmed out of gives people a chance to celebrate the difference that they’ve made to their health and the reduced risk of a range of health conditions including cancer, whether they’ve dropped one dress or waist size, or six!” 

If you would like to find out more about local groups contact Kim on 07921 805006. 

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