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Should the town council continue paying for free parking in the town? Have your say

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WESTBURY Town Council is asking residents to give their opinion on whether the council should continue to provide the town with two hours of free parking in Westbury’s three main car parks. 

The town council say that free parking currently costs the tax payers of Westbury over £35,000 per annum and they say this figure is set to rise considerably in the following year. 

One option, other than removing free parking entirely, is to reduce the number of hours that the town council pays for. 

Access the survey here: https://forms.office.com/r/PqgBA6ES9i 

The public car parks in Westbury are owned by Wiltshire Council, who are responsible for both levying and collecting parking fees. Westbury Town Council currently pays Wiltshire Council an annual subsidy which enables both residents and visitors to our town to enjoy up to two hours’ free parking. The costs for car parking are likely to increase considerably in 2022-23, and it is estimated that this will cost the town council approximately £42,000 against a budget of £35,000. 

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