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New fitness class designed to improve mobility and coordination is coming to town

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FIT4LIFE is a new, light-intensity exercise class coming to Westbury on the 18th May at the Leigh Park Community Centre. The class will focus on improving mobility, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.  

Organisers say that it is ideal for helping people with stiff joints, aching muscles, low mobility, injury recovery, weight management, postural imbalances and general improvements to physical and mental health. 

Instructor, Gina Fry, says, “No matter what a person’s starting ability is, we can work with them to help make improvements. Functional fitness is so important in helping us maintain and keep our independence, so it’s important that everyone gets on board and takes small steps to help themselves become a little more active.  Our job is to make that journey enjoyable, so people feel motivated to keep coming.” 

Anyone interested in joining the sessions can contact Gina for more information, and to book their space.  Call 07968 329 411 or email gina@fitnessatbodybasics.com 

The new classes are being run by BODYbasics who are a long-established local team of fitness instructors.

Pictured: Frome FIT4LIFE class members.

2 Responses to New fitness class designed to improve mobility and coordination is coming to town

  1. Desmond Huntley

    May 14, 2022 at 12:34 pm

    My wife would like to join the 18th May 2022 movement
    class. Can you send me times & prices etc.

    Many thanks Des

    Carol I Huntley

  2. XMCPLUnfiz

    May 23, 2022 at 8:36 am

    Witam serdecznie i na początek chciałbym zapytać o to jak myślicie dlaczego w naszym kraju podatek akcyzowy czyli paapierosy alkohol, benzyna, wszystko co ma akcyzę to około 60% całego naszego budżetu a np w takiej Holandii Akcyza wynosi około 12%. Mają za to bardzo wysoki poziom wpływów do budżetu z tytułu podatku dochodowego.

    Czy w Polsce mieszkają sami Pijacy, Palacze i Automobiliści ? W czym leży problem i kto to potrafi to naukowo wyjaśnić?

    Zapraszam do merytorycznej dyskusji.

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