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Mayor and deputy mayor sworn in

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CLLR Sheila Kimmins was sworn in for another year as Mayor of Westbury at the recent annual meeting of Westbury Town Council. Cllr Mike Sutton took the reigns as deputy mayor from cllr Ward Jones who served the town in the role for the past year. 

Cllr Sheila Kimmins and cllr Mike Sutton

Cllr Kimmins said, “I would like to thank Ward Jones for his continued support and assistance in every matter throughout the last year – we are going to miss you as deputy!” 

New deputy mayor, cllr Sutton, who has previously served as mayor, gave thanks to cllr Kimmins for her service throughout the last year. Cllr Sutton said, “It’s an honour to be mayor of this council, but as Sheila knows (and in my own experience) your whole life for that year revolves around attending different meetings. There are two parts to being mayor; one is the ceremonial part where you’re opening new buildings and shaking hands, but the other is keeping meetings under control and making sure this council gets the business done. 

“Sheila has done this with immense credit and immense competence and I can’t remember a time where she’s raised her voice or lost her cool. It is a difficult task, but I know Sheila does it to the best of her ability and she’s brought a lot to the post – I thank her again for staying on another year.” 

The council gave cllr Kimmins a round of applause for her work as mayor throughout the last year. 


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