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Volunteers could help clean town bus shelters

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THE BUS shelters in Westbury are scheduled to be deep cleaned in the New Year, and the town council are looking at the possibility of getting residents involved through volunteering opportunities. 

Westbury Town Council are hopeful that the two shelters that they are responsible for (found on the High Street and the railway station) could be cleaned through volunteer community involvement.  

At a December meeting of the highways, planning and development committee of the town council, cllr Pauline Stallard said, “Is this something that has to be done by the council, or could we involve volunteer groups? I think people feel valued in helping out their local community, that was clear enough in lockdown. 

Cllr Mike Sutton added, “It’s always our intention to get the public involved. It’s a good point and one we should consider for the future.” 

Cllr Gordon King concluded, “We could ask for volunteers to help clean the bus shelters, and if no volunteers are found by the end of January, then we should seek to get it done ourselves.” 

The two remaining bus shelters in town fall under the responsibility of Wiltshire Council. These shelters will also undergo a deep clean in the New Year, however this will be carried out by the local cleaning company, Sparkle Cleaning. 

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