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Public toilets to go back to once-a-day cleaning

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WESTBURY Town Council is to revert back to having the town’s toilets cleaned once a day. Back in November, due to rising cases of Covid-19, the town council had voted to adopt a twice-a-day cleaning schedule.  But now councillors have reconsidered whether an extra clean is necessary and have reduced the cleaning to once a day. 

The monthly cost for twice-a-day cleaning is £1,769.08 while once-a-day would cost £1,066. 

At the recent meeting of the highways, planning and development committee of the town council, Cllr Duncan Hamilton-Sheen said, “I’m not sure whether we might be wasting money on this, because if a cleaner goes in at eight o’clock in the morning, then someone uses it at 9.00am who is infected with Covid – the cleaner won’t come around until 2.30pm.  

“So, unless the cleaner cleans the toilet after every visit, then we’re wasting our time. I get that we need to keep it clean but if we’re going to do it twice in one day, we may as well do it every half an hour – we need to go back to cleaning once a day in my opinion.” 

Cllr Sutton added, “It’s a very good point raised by cllr Sheen – where do we draw the line? This is quite a large addition to the budget and the current circumstances could be going on for the next few years. I’m inclined to believe it’s chucking money down the drain.” 

The cleaning is to be reviewed every two months and may change depending on rising Covid-19 cases in the town. 

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