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Councillors question pedestrian bridge idea for Spinnaker estate

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WESTBURY town councillors have questioned an idea put forward by one of their councillors, to construct a pedestrian bridge from Mane Way over the railway lines to the Spinnaker Estate. This would be an alternative to the current plans that would see a road bridge built to help alleviate traffic in the area. 

In a draft letter to Wiltshire Council, cllr Sheila Kimmins suggested that plans for a pedestrian bridge will be more cost effective than the previously suggested road bridge plan, and would fit in with both the unitary and local authority’s environmental plans. 

This was discussed at a meeting of the town council’s highways, planning and development committee, held on Monday 20th December. 

Cllr Mike Sutton said “We don’t have the authority to change decisions, so my only suggestion is that we write to Wiltshire Council to see if they are still going ahead with plans to build a road bridge. Before we even suggest a foot bridge, we would have to consult with residents.” 

Cllr Gordon King added, “While I have sympathy with the aims, I won’t support the proposal in its current state.  

“The cost of the bridge has escalated because of materials inflation amongst other things and the original design was inadequate – so although there is £3million in the bond currently, it’s inadequate to start construction on the bridge. It does however remain the policy of both councils to build that bridge and relieve traffic from Oldfield Road.” 

The proposed bridge could better enhance walking routes from the new housing estates to the town and reduce the number of cars in town. 

In the letter, cllr Kimmins says, “As the Spinnaker estate has now been built with roads that are only of a standard and width for residential traffic, a road bridge from Mane Way would not work, especially as the traffic would have to exit onto Station Road which is dangerous, as the exit requires vehicles to be committed to turn right before the driver can see traffic coming from under the railway bridge, often at speed. 

“We should therefore wish to make a suggestion, that instead of a road bridge a pedestrian/cycle bridge is built in its place.  

“It would give the residents of the Spinnaker Estate walking, disabled and cycling access to the schools, shops, Penleigh Park and the doctor’s surgery – which now they drive.  

“As the footpath under the railway bridge along Station Road is too narrow for parents with pushchairs and school age children to walk, parents are currently driving children to school, adding to the parking problems within the areas of the local schools. 

“It would also enable the residents of the Leigh Park estate to walk or cycle to the railway station or on to the trading estate – which they now drive.” 

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