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Coach Road improvements to stop boy racers?

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COACH Road could be undergoing works to make the long stretch of road that joins on to the A350 safer for road users and residents. 

At the recent Highways, Planning and Development (HP&D) meeting at Westbury Town Council, councillors listened to concerns from a resident who lives on the road, describing the dangers he faces daily. 

Councillors spoke about a number of different options to increase road safety and decrease the chances of the area getting used for anti-social behaviour. 

The member of the public said, “Since we moved to the area last year, we’ve had a few issues. We’ve had the barn set alight, we get a lot of people speeding down the road using it as a rat-run, drug dealing – it was only yesterday me and my daughter were walking down the lane and she almost picked up two used condoms. 

“People think it’s a quiet rural lane (due to its location), but it’s actually used by boy racers and delivery drivers to speed down the area. We’ve even had our cat run over down there, the last thing we want is a member of the public to get hurt, we get a lot of dog walkers down there. We also get fly tippers; the list goes on.” 

Cllr Mike Sutton said, “It’s my understanding the road is access only, it’s not to be used by the general public.” 

Cllr Ward Jones, added, “I completely sympathise with this resident, I think it’s just another example of a particular route in Westbury that is used by those who ought to know better. I do not know a solution that will solve the problem – if there was a solution, we wouldn’t have this problem in other places.” 

In the meeting committee members discussed a range of options, including erecting barriers to stop unwanted traffic but this was rejected as councillors mentioned that emergency services need 24/7 access to the area.  

The committee opted to inform the police of the incidents that the resident mentioned so they could look into the possibility of speed checks and some enforcement to stop anti-social behaviour. Councillors mentioned the potential of introducing speed bumps and voted to think of some possible solutions before the next meeting. 

2 Responses to Coach Road improvements to stop boy racers?

  1. Carol Peacock

    November 8, 2021 at 9:45 am

    I saw the report in last week’s White Horse News about Coach Rd and share the concerns of its one and only resident. He is certainly not alone in being angry about the number of vehicles using the road illegally.

    I walk along the road several times a week, as do many other walkers, runners, cyclists and dog walkers, including some using mobility scooters and other walking aids. I nearly always meet at least one vehicle which should not be using the road and always stop them and explain why they should not be there. I am usually met with ridicule and abuse, but there is also genuine misunderstanding about the signage.

    The sign at the Bitham Park end of the road means ‘no vehicles except for access’. This means ‘access to Coach Road Farm only’ as it’s the only property in the road, but many people either don’t understand the sign at all or think they can travel along the road to access the White Horse Country Park. The sign also indicates a low bridge, which is ridiculous; the bridge lies after the farm and so no vehicle should reach it.

    A fairly cheap and easy solution to all this, which might partly alleviate the road’s problems, would be to erect a clear sign stating ‘access to Coach Rd Farm only’ (or even ‘no entry’) at the Bitham Park end of Coach Rd and at the junction of Coach Rd and the road leading to the Country Park. Speed bumps would be ridiculous – no traffic is supposed to use the road!

  2. Daniel

    November 8, 2021 at 4:56 pm

    Where does it say access for coach road farm only? it doesn’t. The sign clearly stats no vehicles except for access which you have mentioned, if you’re accessing the country park you are using the road legally. You have also forgot to mention that the new milbrook estate has an access onto coach road now so anyone who wants to access their house using coach road is also using the road legally. If the road was solely for coach road farm then it would be a private road just for the farm and would have to be maintained by the farm owners not highways.