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Town council and MP back western ‘relief road’

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WESTBURY Town Council is to press for a relief road from Yarnbrook to the A36 to the west of the town, which would serve the West Wilts Trading Estate.

Calls for action about the amount of traffic going through Westbury are increasing, but so far, Wiltshire Council has no concrete plans for a Westbury bypass. But at a recent Vision for Westbury (VFW) meeting late last month, town councillors argued in favour of  a relief road from Yarnbrook to the A36.

The idea has the backing of local MP Andrew Murrison.

The town council  has come up with three ‘priority schemes’ as part of an action plan for the future of Westbury – with transport improvements as one of the three. A western relief road would be a key part of these improvements.

As part of their plans for improved transport, the council says it would ‘lobby for a Westbury relief road from Yarnbrook to A36 (Beckington) which would also provide a direct link to the West Wilts trading estate.

The town council’s highways, planning & development (HP&D) committee is now being asked to investigate fully the possibility of the relief road, although the council has been quick to point out that it is Wiltshire Council and not the town council, who will decide any scheme.

Clerk to Westbury Town Council, Deborah Urch said, “Please note, the town council cannot instigate a relief road project – this remains the responsibility of the principal authority [Wiltshire Council].” 

In the past, Wiltshire Council has favoured an eastern route for a Westbury bypass, but this has been met with strong opposition over the impact it will have on countryside beneath Westbury White Horse

At the recent Vision  For Westbury meeting, cllr Kettlety said, “Traffic is a major problem in this town and we have to think about traffic management and the flow of traffic through any and every part of our town.” 

3 Responses to Town council and MP back western ‘relief road’

  1. Ken Chapman

    October 15, 2021 at 9:58 am

    “We want a bypass as long as it’s nowhere near Westbury”

    The Town Council (and Mr Murrison) must have very short memories. The last time this was proposed it was rejected as the most costly, with the biggest environmental impact, and the least effective in actually reducing traffic in Westbury. Have they even looked at a map? This is more a Southwick/North Bradley bypass.

  2. Julia Underwood

    October 15, 2021 at 10:21 am

    A massive amount of work was done considering the effectiveness of routes east and west before a decision was made that the Eastern route was the most effective and least damaging and therefore supported by WCC.

    Traffic modelling done around western routes that joined the A36 near Beckington were shown as totally ineffective for the reduction of traffic in Westbury. There was even one option that exacerbated traffic in Westbury.

    Reminder: “but this has been met with strong opposition over the impact it will have on countryside beneath Westbury White Horse”

    Just like the 350M on a Bus for the NHS – this it goes under the White Horse nonsense is pure propaganda.

    There was and never will be a bypass route under the White Horse because there is a road there already.

  3. Russell+Hawker

    October 25, 2021 at 6:57 pm

    I think the answer to this article is: “So what?”.

    Clearly, the town council and MP can express their view and lots of folk might like those views one way or another.

    BUT, their views will simply not play any part in the analysis and planning stage of selecting a suitable route and justifying it to obtain Government money not least because this will all be undertaken by professional highway experts within Wiltshire Council and their expert consultants who would have no real interest in what any single MP or town council thinks when it is clear that no-one has the relevant information yet except the WC officer team and their consultants at the time when the relevant work has actually been done.

    Views expressed on the right route before all the relevant amalysis work is done are simply politics rather than any real indication of what will actually happen.

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