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Westbury to set out road repair through five year plan

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FUNDING for road repairs and maintenance over the next five years in Westbury was discussed at the Westbury Area Board earlier this month.

A five year plan of improvements is in a preliminary stage but will have a focus on giving certain areas of concern significantly more funding. 

The aim is to bring these roads up to standard so a complete reconstruction would not be necessary.

Westbury has faced an increase in road traffic following local road closures in Bath; and if plans for a controversial incinerator are pushed through, even more HGV traffic will be causing damage to roads in and around the town, councillors heard. The plan is set to be published in April. 

One Response to Westbury to set out road repair through five year plan

  1. Dorothy Fox

    September 26, 2021 at 10:19 am

    I trust that Bath Council will be making a contribution in paying for some of these roadworks due to the fact that we as a town have had more wear and tear due to the extra traffic caused by the ban of HGV vehicle’s over the Bath Bridge.