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Report play area vandals, residents told

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WESTBURY residents are being urged to report anyone they see causing damage in local play areas, to the town council or police, as the council continues to repair and replace equipment due to ongoing vandalism.

The council says it has been working hard to improve the play areas over the last month, with new equipment installed in Primmers, Kendrick and Campion play areas. New equipment was also installed in Penleigh Park and Grassacres in the last six months,  but some of the play areas have been vandalised.

Town clerk, Deborah Urch said, “The town council is improving Westbury’s play areas for the enjoyment of everyone, and it is unfortunate there are some individuals that want to ruin it for others. 

“If you see anyone causing damage to the play areas, please report it to the police or town council as soon as possible. We want to keep the play areas safe and fun for the whole community.” 

Facilities and contract officer, Norman Burgess said, “We have returned the swings that were removed due to social distancing guidance during the Covid restrictions. Except for a couple of play areas, Timor and Kingfisher are waiting for parts to repair the swings before we can replace them. 

“Sadly, some of the play areas have been vandalised and it is often the same ones. The replacement and repairs has an impact on the council tax and the town council’s ability to use its resources across all play areas.” 

Penleigh Park junior play area has had new multi-play equipment, plus a bench and bin. Since the installation, the safety surface has been damaged by someone trying to set fire to it and the bin has been damaged several times. Two benches and a bin were also ripped out of the paving. During Covid restrictions, the skate park was locked up with padlocks and chains which had to be replaced several times due to them being cut. 

At the Kingfisher play area, there was evidence of visitors leaving empty beer cans, rubbish and vomit. The safety bar on the cradle swing for toddlers was removed, leaving the swing unsafe to use. The swings have now been temporarily removed for repair.  

At the Chestnut play area, the spinning climber has been removed from its pole several times and overall, the total cost of this ongoing damage and repairs is more than £1,000.  

Report vandals to the police on 101 or the town council on 01373 822232 or email info@ westburytowncouncil.gov.uk