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Less than one fifth of the electorate voted in the Police & Crime Commissioner election

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By local democracy reporter Matthew McLaughlin

LESS than a fifth of those eligible to vote in the Swindon and Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner elections turned out for election, which saw the Conservative candidate, Philip Wilkinson, declared the winner. 

According to the returning officer for Wiltshire, 16.63 per cent of the Swindon and Wiltshire electorate voted in the PCC elections. In Wiltshire 29,464 people voted at one of the over 300 polling stations across the county, and 36,333 voted by post.This means that 65,797 people out of an electorate of 384,937 voted (17.09 per cent). 

As for Swindon, 9,560 people voted in in-person with 16,196 choosing to post their ballots in. In total 25,756 people of an electorate of 165,527 cast their vote — a turnout for the borough of 15.56 per cent. 

Police Area Returning Officer for Wiltshire, Terence Herbert, said, “Congratulations to Philip Wilkinson on being elected as Wiltshire and Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner and we look forward to working with him during the coming months and years. 

“It has been abusy few monthspreparing for this unexpected election, and I’d like to thank my team and everyone who provided support for tackling every challenge that came their way with professionalism, commitment, hard work and goodhumour.” 

The results of the first preference votes were as follows: • JunabAli (Labour and Co-operative) – 12,971 • Julan Malins (Reform UK) – 1,859 • Brian Mathew (Liberal Democrats) – 17,966 •  Mike Rees (Independent) – 25,197 • Philip Wilkinson (Conservative) – 32,564 

Philip Wilkinson and Mike Rees went through to the second vote. The total number of valid first and second preference votes cast for the remaining candidates was: •Philip Wilkinson (Conservative) – 37,752 • Mike Rees (Independent) – 34,815.

Therefore, Philip Wilkinson, was elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon. 

All election results are available on the Wiltshire Council website at:https:// elections.wiltshire.gov.uk/home/Division/6134