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Bus users group aiming for a better service

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A GROUP for Wiltshire bus users is working on a local service improvement plan to attract future government investment. 

Option 24/7 was set up in 2016 for passengers, operators and local government. This March the government unveiled a new strategy, Bus Back Better, which represents the greatest shake-up of the UK bus industry for decades, and the best opportunity to make big improvements to local bus services in recent memory.  

Option 24/7 is working together with Wiltshire Council on a plan which could bring in millions of pounds worth of government funding to help make big improvements to local bus services a reality.  

The group has carried out an online survey for residents to complete to find out where current bus services are working, where they could be better, and where they don’t provide what people need. The survey closed on August 23rd


Improvement plan

Going forward, Option 24/7 will begin fresh talks with Wiltshire Council on how to formulate the bus service improvement plan in partnership. 

An Option 24/7 spokesperson said, “This will give us a head start on finally giving our area the bus network we have all always aspired to, as part of a wider, truly integrated public transport and active travel network fit for a brighter post Covid-19 future, and ready for the challenge of the climate emergency ahead.”