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Residents want bridge replaced with path

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WESTBURY Town Council’s request for a bridge on a busy school route to be replaced with a tarmac path is being supported by residents. 

In November last year the council’s highways, planning and development (HP&D) committee agreed the bridge at Hunters Chase should be removed and replaced with a new path out to the pavement, after Wiltshire Council informed the town council it had budget available for works there.  

At the latest HP&D meeting, members heard that following recent discussions regarding the bridge a survey was carried out in the area to find out what residents would like.  

Nine properties were visited, five residents were consulted and the preferred choice was for a tarmac path, with the main reason being that it is a busy school route and tarmac would be easier for parents to negotiate with pushchairs.  

Residents also said the current grassy route became muddy during the winter months.  

Committee members agreed to note the outcome of the survey and that the information had been shared with Wiltshire Council.    

One Response to Residents want bridge replaced with path

  1. Russell Hawker

    August 15, 2021 at 7:18 pm

    It’s a boardwalk, usually a very slippery one – not a bridge.

    It used to be quite marshy in that copse and so a normal path might not work at all times of the year unless they destroy the habitat in creating a raised walkway.