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New boot sale kicks off at football club

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A NEW car boot sale is starting at the Meadow Lane ground of Westbury FC at the end of this month.

Terry Morgan, Westbury FC volunteer, told White Horse News, “We are working very hard to get our ground and C M Motors clubhouse and bar open on a more regular basis. This is to help raise very much needed funds to help keep our financial struggling football clubs afloat.

“We are in the process of organising a car boot sale that will start on a weekly basis from Sunday 30th May, with our gates opening at 8am and closing at 4pm; our bar and catering cabin will also be open for drinks and food from 11am and 8.30am respectively. Both the bar and catering cabin will close at 3 30pm.”

Local people had been asking whether the car boots had been able to restart in the town in general and the town council clerk, Deborah Urch, confirmed, “Car boot sales were able to open from 12th April (providing they could be Covid safe and achieve social distancing etc).”