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Dates announced for Edington Mini Music Festival

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THE organisers of the Edington Music Festival have announced that there will be a live mini Festival of Music within the Liturgy in Edington Priory Church this year, to run from the evening of Thursday 26th August until Sunday morning 29th August.

Due to the possibility of ongoing government and church restrictions, director Richard Pinel, in consultation with the church and community, has taken the decision to limit both the number of participants and the duration of the festival in order to create the safest possible environment.

Richard said, “It is a truly joyous thing that we can come together for a celebration of music and worship in August. However, for this year only we feel it would be responsible to invite fewer singers than usual, and therefore to shorten it.  We will therefore regretfully be without our Nave Choir trebles, and so our liturgy will be adorned by two choirs this year – the Schola and the Consort. 

“The mini festival will follow our traditional framework of three or four services a day, but we will be limiting the congregation inside the church for each service.  Because this will inevitably mean that a large number of people will not be able to enjoy the services from inside the church, we will be live streaming every service through our website, and will also be able to accommodate a controlled number of people outside in the churchyard. 

“How we achieve this is currently under discussion, and we aim to make the process of allocation as open, transparent and fair as possible.”

Regular updates will be posted on the festival’s website, www.edingtonfestival.org and information about attending will be communicated using every possible means.