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You too could be a game changer at world’s largest defence and security company, right here in Westbury!

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WESTBURY-based global security and aerospace company, Lockheed Martin, has shared an insight into the work that they do.

A spokesperson for the company said, “When you think of Lockheed Martin, what would you automatically think of?  

“You’d probably think of aircraft, like the mighty C-130J Hercules and the stealthy F-35 Lightning II.  Maybe Space, building weather and GPS satellites, or the fact that they are the only company that has built a spacecraft that has successfully landed on Mars, and four times at that.  

“Definitely security, with a strong pedigree of cyber security and intelligence services. You’d be right of course with all of those, but the company is involved in so much more. 

“Right on our doorstep in Westbury, the Lockheed Martin team are working on high tech simulation and training devices for the British Army.

“With British Science Week in March, we’d like to open the doors of the world’s largest defence and security company and give an insight into the experience of two of their most recent employees as they look to start their career path.  

“Jordan, a graduate hire, and Gideon, an intern who is with the company for a year out from his university degree, have both been using their personal passion for gaming to design and develop immersive training aids that aim to solve real world problems.  

“The skills they have learned through their own hobbies, college and university are key to designing and building the technology needed to deliver training aids which can help prepare Armed Forces personnel for their duties by entering into a realistic simulated environment.  Training in this way replicates the feeling and conditions of a live environment without the need for using expensive equipment, reduces the need for maintenance and also the time needed to train.

“Engineering excellence lies at the heart of Lockheed Martin and there are exciting opportunities across the country and a variety of different business functions from technical engineering through to functional business support. 

“Whatever your direction, Lockheed Martin UK can help your development with competitive salaries, benefits, flexible schedules and more.  Search the web for Lockheed Martin UK Careers.”

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