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A vision for Westbury’s future

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EXCITING plans to improve Westbury have been drawn up by the town council.

A Vision for Westbury is the blueprint for what the council will focus on over the coming years and includes a wide range of ideas and proposals which could transform the town.

The proposals include reducing traffic through Westbury; improving the town centre, better provision for cycling and walking; the planting of more trees and schemes to enhance the environment; developing the economy; building on the town’s heritage and improving and supporting local events and activities.

The plans were outlined in a 100-page report – drawn up by leading architects Allies and Morrison – which was unanimously accepted by councillors at a recent meeting. 

The mayor, cllr Mike Sutton told White Horse News, “Working with consultants we have produced a ‘Vision for Westbury’ which sets out some options that the new council could adopt.

“The council has been well aware of the need to make the town more appealing and as part of that, has been looking at ways to improve the High Street and Edward Street, to make them attractive and pleasant. 

“It is felt this will also improve footfall and hence more opportunities for people to avail themselves of shops and businesses.”

The plan – which is outlined in more detail on page 4 and can be found in full on the council’s website – pledges that the council will encourage people to take an interest in and become engaged with the authority, the town and its voluntary sector, and build on successful events and activities.

Litter, dog fouling, graffiti, fly tipping and neglected or visually displeasing areas will be tackled through caretaker services and work will be done to preserve the natural environment, biodiversity and important landscapes. Westbury’s history, heritage and special features will be properly maintained and promoted and its conservation areas protected. The council will also look to promote the maintenance and continued use of listed buildings, the document says.

The council also aims to lobby for a mix of housing to meet local need – particularly social care and affordable homes – and to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for more control over local planning issues and to provide an effective voice for Westbury in planning decisions.

It will engage with trade groups, local businesses and others to develop Westbury’s economy to bring about business growth and the creation of jobs. Sufficient infrastructure and utilities to support business developments will be demanded.

The role of town councillors will be promoted in the community and the council will work to engender pride in the town. It will encourage more people to take an active interest in and become engaged with Westbury, its town council and its voluntary sector. 

The council sets out its vision, saying, “We will shape a modern identity for Westbury while remaining proud of our history and heritage. Westbury will become a town for families and businesses as well as regarded for its festivals and events.”

Westbury Town Council’s planning and resources committee discussed the business plan which looks at six priority areas, at their latest meeting.

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