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MP’s concern over Westbury housing plans

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Local MP, Dr Andrew Murrison, has registered his concern about the planning application for up to 67 properties in Sandhole Lane, Westbury. 

The MP said, “I appreciate the need to make up Wiltshire’s five year land supply shortfall, but west Wiltshire must not shoulder the burden of failure to build in the north of the county.

“If permission is granted, planned development in Westbury would be exceeded by at least 20%, given recent and imminent building in the BA13 area.

“Local authority cite policies must be adhered to, or they are meaningless. This application, if allowed, would make a mockery of Wiltshire Council’s Core Strategy, the Westbury development limit recently set and Core Policy 32.

“The land in question is largely greenfield. Let’s develop local derelict sites before concreting more of the wonderful countryside that characterizes our area.”

The land in Sandhole Lane has been registered by land promoters Gleeson Strategic Land and Origin 3, who have submitted a planning application to Wiltshire Council for up to 67 properties.

Previously, presentations to Wiltshire and Westbury councils were delivered in August and September, respectively, and an online public consultation was open throughout autumn on the developers’ joint website, sandholelanewestbury.co.uk.

The expiry date for the current consultation is Friday 26th February, and it is available to comment on by searching the Wiltshire Council planning portal for application number 20/115/15/OUT.