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Rubbish is marring town’s “lovely” areas

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WESTBURY residents have condemned litterers in a post on social media which expresses shame at the state of the town. Normally, community groups would be carrying out litter picking, but this is banned under the current lockdown. 

Local people have listed a rusted out bicycle, battered road signs, bulging bin bags and old drinks containers as just some of the items in photos accompanying social media posts. 

A resident said, “So ashamed of our lovely town and how people treat it and the lovely areas such as the lakes where geese live and where people actually fish from!”

Another comment said, “It’s absolutely heartbreaking! I can’t understand why there’s so many that don’t care about the wildlife or what it looks like! It’s terrible how in 2021 people don’t care and don’t protect our planet!

“I started picking trash when I walk my dog, I protect myself with glove and bag. If everyone acted like this we can clean our area and don’t need to wait for council to do this job! We are all concerned! Small act can be a big impact.”

Other residents said they would start picking up litter when they are out walking, or walking their dog.

Wiltshire Council is asking community groups to avoid holding organised litter picks in the county during the current lockdown restrictions. However, individuals who are taking their daily exercise, can collect litter as long as they are following Covid guidelines.

Cllr Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for highways and waste said, “If members of our communities wish to pick litter while undertaking their daily exercise, they should do this in a Covid-safe way, ensuring they are adhering to government restrictions at all times.

 “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who pick litter in Wiltshire as they do a great job to help keep our beautiful county tidy – but please, at the moment, stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.”

Local people posted photographs they had taken of the rubbish on social media.

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