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Community centre’s campus plans

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BIG plans for Westbury Leigh Community Centre were outlined to town councillors last night.

Debbie Cole from the centre explained the vision for the Leigh Park Community Campus on land adjacent to the centre. She said the centre is already an important community hub which is used by all ages for groups and organisations to meet and run classes, provide workshops, entertainment, corporate events and weddings. The community centre is also home to a preschool and has recently opened its own coffee shop.

In creating the community campus, Debbie said that the trustees of the charity are committed to developing the land to extend the use of the popular centre to a wider community.  New rooms could provide bases for holistic therapies, outreach classrooms for schools, office space, satellites for GP clinics, and Credit Union. She said that the site would provide Westbury’s first eco friendly shop with zero plastic. Allotments in the groups would provide fresh fruit and vegetables for sale and a community garden and nature trail would be included.

Parking would be made available for buggies and bicycles.

To create the vision, Debbie said the charity would need a source of commercial funding. 

Since fencing went up around the site, there has been speculation about what was happening. Debbie said they had decided to fence the area off to prevent unwanted use.

One Response to Community centre’s campus plans

  1. Russell Hawker

    November 4, 2020 at 4:39 am

    WRONG NAME in the heading.

    This is not Westbury Leigh anything.

    It is Leigh Park Community Centre in Leigh Park.

    The Westbury Leigh Community Hall is a separate building in the church in Westbury Leigh.

    You need to remember that Leigh Park is separate from Westbury Leigh.

    The primary school moved from Westbury Leigh to Leigh Park and has no bearing on the correct name for Leigh Park.

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