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Award for Westbury Lion for community support

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Tracey Sheppard (centre), with club President Geoff Curtis (right) and Jarvis Macdonald, Past District Governor.

Westbury Lions has celebrated the endeavours of fellow Lion, Tracey Sheppard, by presenting her with a special award from the club to thank her for the hard work she has done in the community over the last six months since the lockdown was implemented back in March. 

Westbury Lions report, “Whilst most of us have been pottering about in our gardens or watching numerous reruns of Dad’s Army or pointless celebrities, Tracey has been beavering away quietly going about the community either working at not just one job, but two jobs, or volunteering her precious time to help others less fortunate or less mobile. 

“She has been delivering food and medicines for many elderly people, unable to venture out of their households due to shielding. Indeed she, as part of a larger team, assisted when one of our very own Lions, the very popular Mike Pearce, came down with a serious bout of Covid-19, which of course meant that his lovely wife Doreen could not leave the house, so Tracey helped bring in most needed supplies to see them through.”   

Club President Geoff Curtis said, “Tracey has been a breath of fresh air since joining the Lions 18 months ago, going out of her way to help the people of Westbury in any way she can. 

“On many occasions when fellow Lions have been scratching their heads on where to find an item so the Lions could complete a fund-raising event, or carry out some service to residents of Westbury, Tracey has come up trumps. 

“Tracey has impressed everyone in the club, so much so, that she was voted in as Vice President for this year ,which will surely lead to her becoming President next year. “              

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