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Welcome return for Westbury charity shop

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FUNDRAISERS at a Westbury charity shop are promising a warm welcome to donors wanting to recycle items cleared from their homes during the recent lockdown.

Some charity shops have been overwhelmed and will only accept donations on certain days of the week or are asking donors to book a time to visit, but the Barnardo’s store in Palomino Place, Westbury Leigh, has reopened without any such restrictions.

The children’s charity expects to lose tens of millions of pounds this year, so local stores are keen to receive donations of clothes, books, toys, games, dvds, cds, accessories and bric-a-brac which can be re-sold to raise as much money as possible. The Westbury store is also offering a range of special offers to tempt customers to return.

 Barnardo’s store manager Nicola Miles said, “We’re very grateful to all of our supporters who held on to their donations until we reopened. It’s been great to welcome them back and we’ve already received several hundred bags.

“Many have been de-cluttering their homes while in lockdown or on furlough, clearing their cupboards and wardrobes and offering lots of excellent items.

“Our staff and volunteers wear gloves, masks and aprons and quarantine the donations in a safe and secure storage area for 48 hours, with each item date-stamped so we know exactly when it came in to the shop. After the quarantine period is over, the goods are put out on the shop floor.

“Thanks to local people’s generosity, we’re continuing to raise much-needed funds to support the charity’s work with vulnerable children and young people across the UK.”

Special offers include pre-owned and refurbished cds and dvds for £1.99 each or three for £4.99, as well as packs of Christmas cards from £3.

Customers are asked to wear a face covering, respect social distancing and pay by contactless where possible, with protective plastic screens at the till. Hand sanitiser is also available.

The store is open Monday-Saturday from 9am to 5pm.  Call (01373) 822515.


One Response to Welcome return for Westbury charity shop

  1. Russell Hawker

    September 23, 2020 at 11:35 am

    Oh dear …

    Yet again WHN prints total confusion about parts of Leigh Park, Westbury.

    It is NOT – repeat NOT – in Westbury Leigh.

    Look on any map and see where the road called Westbury Leigh is and learn that the road going through Leigh Park is called Leigh Park Way for a reason.

    In 2004, West Wiltshire District Council adopted updated planning polcies for Westbury in the Revised Local Development Plan which included Policy H13 for Leigh Park.

    Basically, Leigh Park is described as the Western extension of Westbury on land North of Westbury Leigh.

    If you really are still confused, just try to remember that the primary school moved from School Lane in Westbury Leigh to its new building in about 2005 and the school name does not mean that Leigh Park is redefined or has changed it name.

    WWDC also wrote to Ordnance survey confirming the correct name for the area. The correct area names do appear roughly in the right places on the latest OS maps. WWDC was the area and street naming authority until 2009 when Wiltshire Council became the relevant authority. Wiltshire Council has NOT changed any of these now quite old policies.

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