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The power of community news

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WHITE Horse News has been accepted as a member of the Independent Community News Network (ICNN).

The ICNN supports and champions community journalists and the hyperlocal news sector, promotes quality journalism and works to create ‘a level playing field’ with larger media organisations.

Our sister titles – Melksham Independent News  and Frome Times, under the umbrella of Wiltshire Publications, have also joined.

ICNN say, “Independent community news outlets play a huge role in local democracy. In many areas they are the only journalists attending local council meetings…and holding those in power to account; helping foster shared identity and social cohesion. There are areas where, if the hyperlocal ceased to exist, town and city leaders would operate unchecked. 

“ICNN aims to support and champion sustainable forms of digital and print journalism on a local level, providing help and guidance such as specialist legal support to its members.

“The challenge is that the business model that sustained news production in the 20th century no longer exists. Advertising revenues have dwindled, making it a very unpredictable source of income. They don’t have the infrastructure or state support (VAT exemption, access to statutory public notices) that helps to sustain larger organisations. 

“However, and perhaps because of these issues, the sector has shown itself to be tenacious and innovative, constantly looking for way to modernise practices and streamline operations. The Independent Community News Network (ICNN) exists to support this diverse sector and to promote quality journalism, help address the democratic deficit in news poor communities and help create more jobs at the local level.

“The Power Of Community – we are the voice of over 100 community news outlets. From the Shetland Islands to the Southern tip of Cornwall, from Northern Ireland to north Wales, our members span the length and breadth of the UK.

“Members of ICNN are independent of commercial, political and religious interests. They are community focused and are producing contemporaneous news content. All uphold high professional standards, including accuracy, transparency, integrity, accountability and fairness. 

“They have committed to adhere to Ipso’s Editor’s Code of Practice or the Impress Standards Code and all demonstrate a clear and transparent management/ ownership structure. Our members are fully inclusive of all ethnicities and backgrounds and are nondiscriminatory.” 

Wiltshire Publications is a local family owned and run business which employs local people and has been reporting on local news since 1981.