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Missing cat: Trixie

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Missing cat: Trixie


Our cat Trixie has been missing from Hillside Park, Westbury, Wilts since Sun 2nd February 2020. She is a tabby and white cat. She is nearly 6 years old, microchipped and spayed. She was wearing a black collar with an identity disc and a bell.

In the last week, we have had a positive sighting of her by the houses/gardens that back onto All Saints church in Westbury. I have been down there numerous times and have not seen her. If you could ask your friends, family and neighbours to keep a look out for her, or if you know someone who is feeding her (as we believe she is visiting many houses down there), please call 07823 324769 with any information.

She has been missing for nearly five months now and we miss her so much. We just want t0 get her back home where she belongs.